Announcement: INFODITEX is moving (on)

Dear friends and readers,

we want to inform you that INFODITEX is growing and has taken a further step. The Blog is now a proud member of the hypotheses-family. New blog posts will be published under from now on. The previous posts are still available under the old URL for a while, but will automatically be redirected to the new blog! Therefore please change your bookmarks, rss-feeds etc. Libraries which linked to our pages should refresh the URLs.

Thank you and see you at hypotheses!

Stefan & Christopher

Ressentiments Towards Digital Humanities And How to Deal With It

Junior researchers who analyse their sources with digital approaches can profit from productive environments where the advantages and potentials of these techniques are well known and established. In Germany, for example, this is the case if they are in the lucky position to work in one of the (fortunately increasing number of) digital humanities institutions in Berlin, Cologne, Darmstadt, Hamburg, Jena, Leipzig, Mainz, Munich, Potsdam, or Trier. I’m pretty sure the list is even longer, but if they don’t work nearby DH institutions, they are often faced with prejudices against their practices. In this post, I want to list five statements revealing biased attitudes, which I constantly hear, and propose answers to refute them.

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